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I have always admired good photographs and the art of photography.


I came to photography late in life.  I'd always carried a secret desire to try it but I never managed to find the time and so that itch went unscratched for many years.   


My wife and I were lucky enough to take a 6 month sabbatical a few years back and it was the perfect excuse for me to buy a camera and spend that time learning as much as I could about the art of photography and image processing.  I was hooked!

Like most people who are budding photographers I now look at the world through a lens - that sounds so pompous - but many of you will know what I mean.  Every scene, every day out, every animal, every sunset and every journey, object, building or thing is a potential photograph.

My love of photography has grown to include a passion for making my own images in photoshop and if I cannot travel to that perfect place for that perfect shot then I will often attempt to make my own scene (check out my COMPOSITE portfolio).

I hope you enjoy my work and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

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